What makes our business stand out is more than the equipment or services we offer – it is the staff – their skill, devotion and passion for crafting your vision.  Each member has been tested and trained by some of the most demanding and complicated pieces from productions with the highest quality expectations.  Some of our clients have included Cirque du Soleil, The Stratford Festival and The Shaw Festival.  We bring these skills to every project and work closely with you to ensure you are satisfied.  We have design artists, pattern makers, tailors, cutter/stitchers, leather workers, air brush artists all available to bring your project to completion.

Richard Crossman

Owner Richard Crossman comes from 50 years of theatre, film and television performance and 20 years as a costume designer and manufacter. He specializes in historical creations and has created for The Baker Street Victorian Carollers, Blackthorn Productions, Upper Canada Medieval Faire, Casa Loma Renaissance Faire, and Gregors Crossing Medieval Education and Entertainment to name a few.
Staff - Richard Crossman

Tiana Crossman

Operations Manager, Tiana Crossman has 20 years of customer service and staff supervision and works with you to oversee your project.
Staff - Tiana Crossman


Our Contractors Include

Daniela Barbat comes with an international background in fashion and clothing manufacture. She has worked in various aspects of the fashion industry from design through production and alteration for over 20 years

We collaborate with leather Worker Adam Smith of Sword in the Stone Crafts. Adam is famous in the film and television industry for his skill and crafstmanship (the Saw series, the Resident Evil series, Pompeii and many, many more).  Adam is our go-to leather worker as the need arises. www.swordinthestone.ca

Staff - Adam Smith